Hip Replacement Settlement

If you have had a defective hip implant and required surgery to repair or replace your failed hip implant, you may be eligible for compensation. Several Billion Dollars have already been awarded to victims of defective metal-on-metal implants and time may be running out to file your claim!


Anyone who has had a metal on metal hip implant who required surgery to repair or replace their defective or recalled implant may be entitled to recover compensation.

Current Hip Replacement Problems:

Metal hips have caused a number of problems for patients which include:

  • Clicking / Popping / Pain / Discomfort
  • Fracture / Failure / Dislocation / Loosening
  • Metallosis / Cobalt / Chromium in blood
  • Pseudotumor / ALVAL
  • Revision surgery

What Injuries can a Hip or Knee Infection Cause?

If you get a infection after surgery you may need:

  • Additional physical therapy
  • Hospitalization
  • IV antibiotics

In some circumstance the infection may be so serious that you need:

  • A second surgery
  • Removal and / or Replacement of the Implant
  • Amputation

Hip Replacement Systems Currently Being Investigated:

  • Depuy (Johnson & Johnson) Pinnacle – Recently a jury awarded over 1.5 Billion dollars in 2 separate trials against this manufacturer. The DePuy Pinnacle was among the most popular metal-on-metal implant.
  • Zimmer – in 2008 Zimmer issued a recall of the Durom Cup over concerns of the cup surface. This company has already settled many of the claims against them and time may be running out to file a claim if you were harmed by this recalled hip.
  • Stryker – Rejuvenate, ABG II, LFIT V40 – This company has recalled several of their top selling products in recent years and has already settled many cases related to its defective impants.

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